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Google+ gathers steam, about 20 million sign ups in 3 weeks!

Google plus is steadily gathering steam, owing primarily to users in India and US. Within weeks of its launch, the site, which is still in its beta phase (one needs to be invited to join it), has seen nearly 20 million users signing up.

According to Comscore data, the number of unique Google+ visitors stood at 19.93 million between June 29 to July 19. Users from US and India--5.31 million and 2.85 million, respectively--emerged as the top countries on Google Plus. Another 0.87 million users were from UK, 0.71 million from Germany, and 0.5 million from France.

Google has not commented on this Comscore data. However, last week, Google chief executive Larry Page had said there were "over 10 million Google Plus users". While announcing the company's quarterly results, he said,"Google Plus is only in field trials and has limited access, as we scale the system. Users are invited to sign up with a profile in order to use it...There is also ton of activity. We are seeing over one billion items shared and received a single day. Our +1 button is already all over the web. It's being served 2.3 billion times a day."

Still, Google Plus numbers pale in comparison with Facebook users--over 750 million. Even micro-blogging site Twitter accounts for over 200 million registered accounts.

However, Google remains the market leader. According to a Comscore press release in May, Google became the first company to ever record one billion visitors in a month across all its properties, which include the search engine, YouTube and maps, with Microsoft coming second (a little over 900 million users).

Google Plus indexed around 4.5 million users on FindPeopleOnPlus.com -a directory of Google Plus users that sorts users by criteria such as location, occupation, relationship status and popularity. The site also says Google Plus is dominated by Techno-savvy users. With 29% engineers, 17% developers and 14% Software designers on Google Plus. In the last three weeks, 'Google Plus' was the most searched keyword by Indian users on search engines.

Google's earlier attempts to grab the social networking space saw feeble success. It could not create 'Wave', generate 'Buzz', nor make Orkut grab eyeballs in markets outside Brazil and India. In India Orkut has been stadily losing its market share against Facebook. Compared with Facebook's 31 million users, Orkut has around 18 million.

So, after some serious news let's end this post with some beautiful graphical representation that i found on Google+.

Rajat Patel

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