Hello World!!!

Hello World!!!!Here we come!!!!!!
I have been waiting for this day for years to write my first blog post on my very own site TechnoTravel.in. So, from now onwards, friends, be ready to have a joy ride in this Techno World with me at your own site TechnoTravel.in.

The main idea behind building this site is to give the readers the quality information of what is happening around the world (Cyber World, of course!!!) and keep you up-to-date with some cool gadget reviews, Smartphone Reviews, Technical Support for the problem that you face in day-to-day computing, reviews of some cool sofwares and yaa.....some cool tricks to follow with. 

So, in brief, we will take you for a travel of technology, as the name suggest, TechnoTravel.in. We will also give support to your problems and will reply with ample solutions that we have within 3 working days. So, gotta problem??, why wait?, feel free to mail it to support@technotravel.in.

Have a cool trick to share with the world??
If you have a cool trick or have a nice blog post that you wanna publish or have some spicy news,  feel free to mail it to admin@technotravel.in. More info here....
Rajat Patel

Rajat Patel

Founder at TheNextGeek.com. Software Engineer & Business Analyst by profession. Avid open source evangelist. Mostly writes about Technology that interests him, and some neat tricks to make your day-to-day tech life a breeze.

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