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[How-To] Disable CD and USB Flash drives from AutoPlaying with the one easiest trick

Who is the biggest enemy of the computer?....The one and only answer is "Computer Viruses". And if I ask another question that which is considered to be the safest home for the computer viruses??.....And again the most common answer is USB Flash drive. Yes, it is proved that penetration of Viruses in the computer is highly caused by Flash drives, whether it's a USB Drive or a CD Drive.

Whenever you insert any type of the external drive (CD or USB drive), as soon as it is inserted, you will see the dialogue box named "Autoplay". Now, for the computer hackers and spammers, this is the best weak link they have found to insert the virus in the computer via "Autoplay" command which is the only command which executes without user's permission. (Users also can block this Autoplay function, and this is what this tweak is all about!)

Now, after understanding the features of the 'Autoplay' function, one should come to the conclusion that "Autoplay" feature should be disabled to prevent the possible virus attack from external drives.

So, if you are not good at the geeky stuff to disable this "Autoplay" function, or you don't want to disable it forever, then here is the simplest trick to do so.

Whenever you insert the external drive into your computer and you are not much sure about the content in the drive, then you should disable the Autoplay function. To do this, as soon as you insert the external flash drive into your computer's dedicated slot, just press SHIFT and keep it pressed for some time, and you will notice that Autoplay option won't appear.

After doing this, just scan the external drive using the good antivirus, and only after the scan is completed, carry on the work that you wanna do with the Drive.

Above mentioned trick also works for the CD drive. This trick works in Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Have a virus free computing!!!!
Rajat Patel

Rajat Patel

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