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[How-To] Download your Facebook Profile in your computer and save it

Want to migrate to Google+ but worried about the data that you have stored on Facebook over the years?.....well, here is the solution. (As you always get from TechnoTravel.in).

The leader in social networking, Facebook, has ruled almost every computer's web browser over the years. No web user is unfamiliar with the fact that in this span of having relationship with the facebook, users have stored some valuable data, memorable pics and lively videos in their facebook accounts. So now, if you are thinking about your migration from Facebook to Google+, these important data becomes the issue to think about. 

But, in fact, it's not worth the issue to be think about because Facebook has provided a very useful but very less talked about utility. This feature gives you the opportunity to download the copy of your valuable information to your computer.

So now, I'will teach you how to download this data....

First of all, log into your Facebook account and navigate to "Account Settings"

Now click on "learn more" next to "Download your information"

Now you will see the following window

Click on "Download" button....then you will be asked to enter your password.

After entering your password, it will tell that they will prepare the downloadable data of your profile. And they will respond you via email whenever the download is available. (This occurred in my case.)

So, wait for 1 or 2 days until your download is available. Whenever your download is available, facebook will email you with the download link. The download the .zip file from facebook with all the data. If you open profile.html from the download, it should look like this.....

Now, you can easily migrate to other service.

Rajat Patel

Rajat Patel

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