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[How-To] Recover Administrator Login Password in Windows

All the computers in the world have administrator password due to security concerns and to prevent hacking activities if they are connected to the local network or the Internet. But, somehow in case we forget the Administrator Password, it becomes difficult to enter in the computer.

So, in this tutorial I'll teach you how to recover the lost password and login again into the computer.

Follow These steps
  1. First of all, start your computer in a safe mode. To do this, when you restart your computer, press F8 key continuously until it prompt you to enter into the Safe Mode. (All computers have different keys to enter the safe mode. In Dell computer, it's F8. If you don't know the exact key, read the user manual provided with the purchase of the computer or just visit your manufacturer's website for support.)
  2. After starting the computer goto Start > Run and type control userpasswords2
  3. After doing these, you will be prompted with the window, where you can manage or change or recover the lost passwords as well as you can manage Administrator passwords.
  4. Then click on Administrator user account and press Reset Password.
  5. Then you will be prompted to enter the new password and have to enter again to confirm it. Then press OK and you are done!
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Rajat Patel

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