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[How-To] Reset forgotten password in Windows without having the old password

Meet 18-year-old, Tom. He is a normal Computer User. One day, he wanted to change his "User Account Password". So, to do this first of all he followed the path mentioned below: (Tom is using Windows 7)

Control Panel > User Accounts > Change Your Password

But, as soon as he clicked "Change Your Password", a big storm blew off his mind!!!.....Because he had completely forgotten his old password because his naughty brother had changed it a day before!!!!.....So, if you are this type of "Tom" and has found yourself in the same kind of situation, then this is your solution....

Follow the following path

  1. GoTo Start > Run and type "cmd" (without quotes)
  2. Type net user and hit Enter, so the list of all users will come up.
  3. Now, in this window, type net user(user name) * and press Enter.
    e.g If my username is TechnoTravel then I will type
    net user TechnoTravel *
  4. As soon as you hit "enter", you will be prompted to enter the new password.
  5. Now, type the new password.
    (While typing, nothing will be shown on command prompt window. But don't worry because your password is still being recorded by the computer, but it doesn't display it due to security reasons. So, take care while typing the new password.)
  6. Then you will be prompted to confirm the new password. Retype the new password, hit "enter" and you are done.
Enjoy. Happy Computing!!!!
Rajat Patel

Rajat Patel

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