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[Extension] Watch Facebook Stream inside Google+

Since the Google+ has been introduced, I have seen many people, not able to decide between Facebook and Google+. So, to solve their problem here I've come up with a great browser extension which will be able to show you the Facebook stream right into the Google+ window!

Much to the delight of the people mentioned above, this extension works with three major browsers, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and the most loved one, Mozilla Firefox. Basically, this extension adds a new tab alongside the "Home" tab tab of Google+ which feels you like an inbuilt Google+ feature. It's a very useful tool for the people, specially like me, who don't like to log in every time and keep track of the both, as it's time wasting more than Social Networking.

As Google+ has grown alarmingly for Facebook in the recent past, has left the people to think between the change (Google+) and the established network of the friends (Facebook). This extension will help you the most. 

Basically, this software is developed by Crossrider.com. This is a third-party extension and Facebook or Google+ are not involved in it. Now, I'll provide the screenshot to help you know more about the extension.

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Rajat Patel

Rajat Patel

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