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Get the Fast, Powerful and XP-Style Search experience for Windows 7

If you are a bored with the default search utility of Windows 7 like me, then you should pay attention to this. As a frustrated user of the Windows 7 Search utility, I can only say that Windows Search feature is the only disadvantage of Windows 7 over Windows XP. In fact, Windows XP have a great search utility of all time. I always wonder why Microsoft has removed such a great utility which had ability to search anything with great speeds, and awesome Advanced Search utility adding to it! No matter, let's hope that Microsoft will take this point to consideration in the making of Windows 8. Looking forward to it!

So, coming to the point, as we all know, Windows 7 has a poor search utility, we are trying to solve this problem with a lightweight third-party utility named FileSearchEX.

FileSearchEX is a blazing fast, powerful and mainly, XP-Style search utility that makes Windows 7 search easier. FileSearchEX is, for now, not installed in a conventional way, neither you'll need administrative rights to install it.

To install FileSearchEX, extract the downloaded file (download link is provided at the end of the article) to your desired location.

Nowcopy FileSearchEX.exe.

Now, paste FileSearchEX.exe to %WINDIR% (Generally C:\WINDOWS).

From, this point, there are two different methods to install it. We will discuss the easier first.
Open the "FileSearchEX.exe" and goto View > Install

Now check, "Enable folder Right Click menu" and click OK.

It will install successfully.

Now, in the second method, open the folder where you had extracted the downloaded file.

Open "Advanced Manual Install.reg", it will display the following window.

Click "Yes", then it will prompt the following notification window.

You are done.

Now, using this utility is very simple. Right wherever you want to search, one option called "Search Via FileSearchEX" will appear, just click on it and experience blazing fast search utility.

Rajat Patel

Rajat Patel

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