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[Software] Heal your PC from crashes and increase booting speed with Soluto- Download now!

As a part of our great Software introduction series, here we are with yet another great software Soluto - Anti Frustration Software.

Why named Anti Frustration Software?

After reading the name of the software, above question would obviously strike through a normal person's mind. But TechnoTravel.in has answers of all of your questions.

Basically, Soluto is a wonderfully well made software specially built to take care of your PC. It heals crashes, enables you to take control of the apps that are running in your boot and moreover, it enables you to easily enable/disable the browser add-ons.

So, to take a deep look at this great software, we will take a small image tour.

When you first start Soluto, it look like this

There are three menus visible:
  1. Chop Boot
  2. Lighten Web Browser
  3. Heal Crashes
So, we will take a image tutorial of that.

Chop Boot : When you hover mouse on Chop Boot (No need to click!) the following window will appear.

Actually, this part is for your booting process. It shows the applications that runs in your boot. Moreover, it analyse apps and bifurcate them to the sections like No brainer (Remove from the boot), Potentially Removable, Cannot be removed and Already Removed.

By presenting this way, it advises the user what applications to keep in the boot. If we go further, in the "advanced" section of any application, you will get the window like this.

This is the best feature so far. If you don't exactly know the function of the application, you would not risk to keep it out from the boot. So, Soluto provides the brief description about the function and also tells you that what other users did with this application. Thus, it helps you making the decision what to do with the app.

Lighten Web Browser : This part is dedicated to your web browsers. It features the list of the add-ons that are installed in your web browsers. As described in "Chop Boot" section, it also helps you out to decide which add-on to disable.

Heal Crashes : Due to the valuable feature of this segment, the software is nick named "Anti-Frustration Software". And I think it's 100% right. It's quite frustrating to have the windows message like "The program has stopped working", with the two options, "End Now" and "close"! To save you from this frustration, Soluto has provided the facility called "PC Genome". It records the crash data of some buggy apps, analyse them and give the reason of the crash with the solution if it's available.    

So, If any program crashes suddenly, instead of having the embarrassing windows message prompt (equipped with horrible sound to terrify you!), Soluto pleasantly provide the prompt as shown in the figure on the right side.
As mentioned earlier, Soluto also keeps track of the previous crashes. And as you would have realized that the presentation of the software is just awesome! Carrying on this awesomeness, it provides the crash data in such a beautiful way that you won't mind have a look at that.

So, as you saw, this lightweight awesome software is a must have software in my book and I'm sure that you would love it!

Then why wait?

Soluto - Anti Frustration Software from Soluto on Vimeo.
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