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[How-To] Install Android on Portable Drive to run on PC

Huge fan of Android? Then here is a great news. Now you can install and run Android on the laptop or PC Hard Drive or any external drive. Here is a very easy tutorial on how to do that.

This tutorial will easy to follow for computer geeks. But, even if your geek level is not high, TechnoTravel.in is always there with you to help you out and to increase your geek level in fact!

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to install Android 2.2 or any earlier version right into your Hard Disk drive or some portable external drive. 

As you will need to format the partition of your hard disk on which you want to install Android, we will recommend you to use the external drives like Portable hard disk or a pendrive with the low capacity of about 2 to 4 GB, if you want to use Android on your PC or Laptop for just fun. (In fact, you'll experience more than fun with 2 or 4GBs of space as it requires only 80 MBs of approx space!)

So, at the of start the tutorial, you'll first need to download Android iso image. 

Download Android from (android-x86.com)

At android-x86.org, you'll need to scroll down to the stable releases section to download the suitable .iso image of Android. We recommend you to download Stable Releases as they are more stable and can run without hassles.  

Now you'll need to download UNetbootin to install the downloaded iso image file to the portable drive you want.

Installing Android

Now open UNetbootin. And select the iso image and the location where you want to install Android. We have used USB Drive here. Make sure that your USB Drive has FAT32 format.

Click OK and let the program mount the image on USB Drive.

After the installation is done, you'll be prompted to reboot your PC.

Running Android on your Computer

Now, you are ready to run Android on your computer via USB Drive. Many of the computer are by default configured to boot from Hard Disk. But you are now in need to change this process as you want to boot your PC from USB Drive.

Every computer manufacturer has its own system to change this option. We have used dell here, so we will describe the process for dell. The process is very much same for every manufacturer but the path is slightly different.

So, at the booting time, when the manufacturer logo appears, press F12 key (For Dell laptop users, it may vary by manufacturer. You can find this easily by googling.)

After pressing the key, you will be prompted this window.

Select Live CD - Run Android without installation

Then after a short while Android window will appear.
It boots amazingly fast. After booting the window will appear as below.

You can do all the things that you do with a Android Smartphone.

Applications menu will appear as below.

Some of the hardware components will not run with this android system like Wi-Fi, Webcam etc. We tested Wi-Fi successfully but when we check the webcam, we were prompted with this window.

So, to conclude, you can apply this method if you are eager to know how Android works and how it runs Applications so smoothly.

We recommended to use USB for this just because it don't mess up with your Windows Hard Drives.

To see if your hardware is compatible check here

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