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[Stupid PC Trick] How to create a Fake Virus!

Every computer geek tries to pretend themselves as a dangerous hacker that can hack anything. The above statement also includes me! But don't afraid, I'm not a hacker. I don't even think about being a one. There are many ethical ways available in this technical world then why go for the un-ethical way? 

But even after these knowledge, wonder how to make a virus? Here is the fun solution from TechnoTravel.in on how to make a virus without harassing the computer but it will surely harass the victim's mind. 

Here is a very safe(!!) trick to make a virus in a text file. The word "safe virus" suggest the fun level of this post! (Because "safe" and "virus" words never stays together!).Of course, we are not making an actual virus, we are making a fake one. In fact, it's a test virus!

So, to make a fake virus, all you need to do is a decent and simple text editor. Conventional Notepad would do. (As hackers often use it!!). Open the Notepad and copy the lines below and paste it in the notepad. 

Open the Notepad, and paste below lines in it and save it with your desired name.


As soon as you save the file the antivirus will shout immediately with the below threatening message. The message can differ as per your Antivirus software. We have used avast! here.

Now, if your antivirus suggest the threat details, then it will show "EICAR Test-NOT virus!!" Because it's developed by eicar.org.

Your geek points will be wired to your WoW account, you dangerous hacker, you.

Rajat Patel

Rajat Patel

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