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5 Simple Ways to Get your Lost or Stolen Mobile Phone Back

Nowadays, especially in countries like India, where the crime rate is alarmingly high, lots and lots of mobile stealing cases are coming to light. And the number is increasing rapidly.

A survey conducted by Symantec, a security product and solutions provider, stated that 53 per cent of adults in India have been victims of mobile phone loss or theft. Despite this alarmingly high number, only two in five Indians have a password protecting their devices.

Here are other interesting facts from the survey:
  • 77 percent of victims considered the loss of contact information the worst part of the experience and also a huge inconvenience.
  • ‘Anger’ was the single most dominant feeling expressed by victims of mobile theft.
  • One in two was concerned about the exposure or loss of private information.
  • 74 percent could neither remotely lock nor wipe the phone’s memory after it was lost or stolen.
  • 82 percent finds the process of resolving the situation difficult; 90 percent finds the experience stressful.
  • More than half of the victims said that they were willing to pay a ransom (an average of Rs. 3,692) to resolve the situation, but in reality they pay up to three times the price.
  • 3 in 10 Indians said that the situation was never resolved.
So, you can now imagine the mobile theft issue is a issue to be noticed by both, people and the government.

What would you do if you have lost your mobile phone?

  • First of all, don't panic. Try to find it within your reach.
  • Try to call your own number from any unknown mobile number (The number that is not saved in your phone.). Because sometimes the thief forgets to figure out the situation and at once answers your phone.
  • If the first two ways can't find your mobile, file the complaint in the nearest Police Station. Don't delay in it.
  • After filing the police complaint, don't sit back and wait for the police reply, because in many cases the police won't reply. We can't blame police for that because in India, the police receives bulk of mobile theft complains everyday that they can't do the justice to each and every complaint.
The most important step:

Very few of the Indians know that the company VSNL(Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited), which is the leading ISP in India, provides a great service of mobile tracing.

If you have lost your mobile, just open your mobile phone purchasing bill or the mobile phone box that you got when you bought your mobile and note down the 14 digit IMEI number.

After noting the IMEI number, just right down a mail in the following format.

Your name:
Phone model:
Last used No.:
E-mail for communication:
Missed date:

Now send this mail to cop@vsnl.net

This service traces your mobile in the whole India using the Internet and GPRS circles and traces your phone.

Share and spread this post to as many people as you can to spread the knowledge and to prevent them from heavy loss. Bookmark this page as well to get the steps in case you lose your mobile!

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