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What Facebook is changing to compete with Google+

As the social war is growing, and Google+ is spreading alarmingly over a month or so, Facebook engineers are seeing some change to be implemented in the coming months. What are they?..Here are some of them.

Talking personally, I think Google+ has a very hard time to face to compete with the two giants, Facebook and Twitter. Although, the competition is very good as far as user interest is concerned, because the competition refers to the change and for the normal user, the change is refreshing. So, to refresh you again, Facebook has adapted some ideas from Google+ like circles, sharing limits etc. In fact, I shouldn't call that Facebook has adapted it from Google+ because it already had, but hardly any people knew about that. So, basically this is the effort to publicize those unsung features to the user to make most of it! Here are some of them...

Updated Status Update

The "status update" box itself is updated. Here it's new look.


You can choose friends to whom you wanna share the status as well as you can share your current location to your status update. Alike Twitter!....nice move by Facebook!

Moreover, like Google+ share, Facebook has enhanced its feature ( I wan't call  Facebook has added this because it already had, but only 5% users were using it.) of share to specific people who can see this in their timeline.

Timeline Profile

You also can customize it your own way like this....


View Your own profile as your friend

Another feature adapted from Google+, which lets you to see your own profile as a friend. Which gives you a clear idea how to customize your profile for a best look. Cool one...


After clicking "View as...", it should look like this,

View Activity

Revamped News Feed

The most important thing in a social network is a news feed. There is a talk in the air that Facebook is making some cool and refreshing changes to their News Feed. Facebook has the Google+ circles type feature called "Lists", but note much of us has used it. You might had used it for chatting limitations. But now Facebook is enhancing "Lists" feature like Google+ circles. Read more at Mashable.

Facebook Chat Sidebar

It has been quite a some time the Facebook sidebar is in operation, some like it whereas some don't. For those who don't like it, a browser extension called Facebook Chat Bully is there to help you fix the sidebar annoyance.

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