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EASEUS Partition Master is a great free-to-use Disk Partitioning Utility

EASEUS Partition Master : Welcome Screen
We have earlier discussed on [How To] Partition a Hard Disk Drive in Windows without any software. But, if you are not interested in these Geeky stuff, EASEUS Partition Master is a FREE software utility which provides very good partition creation and manipulation functionality to easily manage your partitions.

Here is a screenshot of this wonderful and highly user friendly free software.
EASEUS Partition Master : Main Screen
As the software is so user friendly, that we see no need to explain about it's features. But the one feature that I personally like is the one called "Merge Partitions", It actually merges the partitions without the loss of any data in 99% cases!...It's a great software and I personally use it and surely recommend our readers to use it!

Here is the download link:

EASEUS Partition Master (Download.com Link)

Official Site link


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