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Facebook ready to Rock the Web with new Timeline! [Review]

As a part of the sequential changes that Facebook is implementing for a drastic reformation, here they are with a brand new and refreshingly new feature called "Facebook Timeline".

"Facebook Timeline" is nothing but your Facebook Profile. The Facebook Engineers are ready to revamp your Profile page with the feature Timeline, which, as the name suggest, is your Facebook activity history till date from the day you joined Facebook. In fact, Facebook is ready to display your activities from the day you born. As the gap is unfilled between your "actual birthday" and your "Facebook birthday". Its up to you whether you wanna fill it or not!

As the new Facebook Timeline is only introduced to the Facebook Developers, it will soon be available for the public. Luckily, I got my Facebook Timeline a week ago. So, here I'm going to analyse the Facebook Timeline and talk about the pros and cons. (It's a image tour, of course, as we love images!)

First to start with, here is a first view of the Timeline.
Facebook Timeline

The biggest eye-catching change is the beautiful photograph over your main profile picture. "Cover Photograph" is what they call it! It adds a huge advantage to the Timeline, as the images are always loved by the humans, and such big size image is surely giving the boost to your mood.

The another change is the "Info" tab, that we all are pretty much used to, is gone, as it is replaced by the link "about" just under the basic info about you. You can note this in the above image.

Timeline #2
Now, if we take the main feature, Timeline, in account, I must say that its the best word to describe your Facebook life. It can't get better then this.

The Timeline, is basically a life long line that is going to stay at the middle of  your Facebook Profile, representing your Facebook activities. The various activities are represented by the dots and further expanded either side of the timeline. 

On this Timeline, you can add, remove or moderate the featured stories that you want to actually represent on the timeline. 

By default, Facebook chooses itself what stories and status updates to display, but you surely can change if Facebook Timeline is not showing the particular story that you actually want to feature on the timeline!

The another bar is located at the top-right part of your timeline, just between the Real time updates and the main navigation frame of the Timeline, which can be easily understood that it stands for a easy and flawless navigation.

Timeline #3

Here you can see the missing years between the year 2009 and the year you born, but you can easily update them by adding and/or creating some featured post to your Timeline before the year 2009, or the year you joined Facebook. (I joined in 2009, that's why its showing 2009).

Now you can manage or just see all your activities on the single page, as per the old Profile, by just clicking on the "View Activity" button.
View Activity
This section, unlike the old Profile, is not public, its private. As only youi can view this page.
Now, after seeing the glimpses of the new Timeline, you must be eager to experience the change. So, I'm delighted to tell you that the change is not far away. It's coming soon. (Facebook earlier announced 30 September for the public launch, but now it has been delayed. But better late than never. So, lets just wait and watch!).

As evaluated by me, I find the new Facebook Timeline doing a world of good for the Tech Savvy people like me, who want and appreciate the change. But on the other side, the newcomers to Facebook might find it difficult to cop up with the new Timeline, but I think its just a matter of time. I personally think that this is gonna be a big hit! Hard time for Google+ ahead, surely!

Rajat Patel

Rajat Patel

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