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[How-To] Disable Hibernate Mode in Windows 7 to Free Up Disk Space

If you do not prefer to use Hibernate option in Windows 7, then you can save some noticeable amount of disk space for your other purposes. In this post, we will learn two different ways to disable Hibernate Option in Windows 7.

Disable or Enable Hibernate Through Command Prompt
Using the Command prompt, you can easily enable or disable Hibernate Mode in Windows. To start with, first of all open Command Prompt. You can do this by typing "cmd" (Without quotes) in the "Run box". You can open the "Run" box by pressing the Windows Key + R.
Run Box

The other way to open Command Prompt is to click on "start" and type "cmd". Now Right Click on cmd.exe and select "Run as Administrator".
Run As Administrator

In the command prompt type the following code
powercfg /hibernate off
cmd.exe hibernate off

If you want to enable it again, then type the following
powercfg /hibernate on
cmd.exe hibernate on

Manage Hibernation With Control Panel

Click on Start and open Control Panel and click on Power Options.
Control Panel-Power Options

Now, on the left panel click on Change when the computer sleeps
Change When the computer sleeps

Now click on Change advanced power settings.
Go to Advanced Power Settings
In the Advanced Power Options window expand the Sleep tree then expand Hibernate after and change the minutes to zero to turn it off. Or you can specify the amount of minutes you want to pass before it goes into hibernation. After you’ve made your selection click Apply and Ok then close
out of the remaining screens.
Power Options
If you always turn off your computer or never do, you can disable the Hibernate mode to gain a bit of extra hard disk space. On our Windows 7 (64-bit) machine with a 320GB hard drive, disabling Hibernation gained us just over 3GB of more disk space. That may not seem like much especially
with today’s high capacity drives, but if you don’t need Hibernation, why not reclaim that space?

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