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[How To] Partition a Hard Disk Drive in Windows without any software

We have discussed a lot about Partitioning a hard drive and the partitioning the hard drives in the following posts:

But if you are wondering how to partition a Hard Drive in windows without any third party software, than you are at the right place. Here we are going to discuss on using Windows' native Disk Management utility to partition a Hard drive into your desired partitions. 

First of all open "Run" by pressing Windows Key + R (You may use any other method, it will be better to explain it later!). In the run box type "diskmgmt.msc" without quotes. (See the image)

After hitting "OK" you can watch the "Disk Management" window.
Disk Management

Now if you have brand new hard drive, you may have a default partition in it. Just right click on it and select "Shrink Volume".
Shrink volume
After clicking "Shrink Volume", you may have to wait for 2-3 minutes, then you will be prompted with this window.
Determine the size
Now select the size of the partition and enter in the text box. You cannot shrink volume grater than the available shrink volume size. (To convert GBs into MBs, just multiply it with 1024. E.g, for 50GB, I will enter 50x1024=51200MB).
After entering the value, click shrink and wait. Now you will see the unallocated space after the drive you want to partition.
Unallocated space
Now, right click on that unallocated space and select "New Simple Volume"
New simple volume
Now, you will see the following window.
Simple volume wizard
Click next and assign the desired drive letter from the drop down menu.
Assign letter
Now click next, 
Assign label
Now, without changing anything, click next.
Click Finish
Now click finish, and you are done! Now autoplay will run that partition, you can also see it in a disk management window....You are done!
Newly created partition
Enjoy Computing!

Also see EASEUS Partition Master is a great free-to-use Disk Partitioning Utility

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