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[PC Tricks] 6 Super Geeky Ways To Open Windows Task Manager

Opening the Task Manager is in fact a nothing task really to talk about. But, what when some disastrous virus take over the Task Manager and your computer refuses to open it by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete, how else are you going to open your Task Manager? So, if you want to have some diversity in your life, or if you want to add another feather to your Computer knowledge "Show off Skills", here we are providing 6 different ways to open up the Task Manager.

[1] Ctrl+Alt+Delete

The most popular way to open the Task Manager. From a Super Geeky personality to a numb one, most will prefer to open the Task Manager the "Ctrl+Alt+Delete" way!(Though, I use another way!). So, there is very less to talk about this shortcut. So, we'll move on.

[2] Right Clicking Taskbar

My personal favorite and the most easiest way to open Task Manager (Recommended by me!). This is arguably the fastest way to open the Task Manager. Just two clicks at the bottom of your screen and voila! You are presented with the Task Manager in no time. This is the lazy geek's favorite way. To open up the Task Manager this way, all you need to do is to Right Click the Task Bar and click Task Manager to open the Task Manager.

Though there is another geeky way to open Task Manager with one click using Autohot Key, which is out of syllabus!!

[3] Ctrl+Shift+Esc

Another simple shortcut to open Task Manager with a single hand, left! (As you need to use bith hands for Ctrl+Alt+Delete!).

[4] Run taskmgr

The Run command is a very useful tool to access the Files, folders and Apps and anything, and Task Manager, too! Just open the run command box by pressing Windows Key+R and type taskmgr and hit Enter to open Task Manager.

[5] Browse taskmgr.exe

Now divert your attention towards the longest, cumbersome and usually never used method to open the Task Manager. But at the time of crisis, when you have no other method left, it seems to be the most helpful, lifesaving method! To open the Task Manager this way, navigate to C:\Windows\System32. Scroll down or search for taskmgr.exe and double click to open it, simple!

[6] Create taskmgr.exe Shortcut on Desktop

And the last but not the least is creating a Shortcut on the Desktop. To do so,  just navigate to the taskmgr.exe in the C:\Windows\Syatem32 directory and find taskmgr.exe. Now, highlight it by single clicking it and right click it on it. Now select Send to option and select the option "Create the Shortcut on Desktop".

And here is the happy ending of our list. Though there are many more ways to open Task Manager(Using AutoHot Key as mentioned earlier), but initially the dose of 6 different methods are enough to know to get yourself out of the crisis situation. We'll cover the other ways in the upcoming tutorials.

Rajat Patel

Rajat Patel

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