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[Solved] Mobile Partner Dashboard Deactivates Full Window Dragging

As a leading share holder in the Internet Modem production and marketing, The Huawei Technologies, provide a internet connector software especially for Windows users, namely Mobile Partner. If you are a current user of the Mobile Partner software, you might have noticed that while the Software is running, it changes the Windows' settings somehow as the "Windows' content dosen't show up while dragging".

The whole bunch of the Huawei Mobile Partner softwares has this issue and it is not solved till now. But here at TechnoTravel.in we have hacked the issue with some C# programming tweak that may help you prevent this embarrassment somewhat!

Mainly we have two ways to fulfill our task which is to show "Windows' content while dragging" while the Mobile Partner Software is running. After some study on the source code, I've come up with this tweak (or Hack!).

So, basically I've created a small app (Which seems little bit dirty but mighty useful!), which you can use to solve this issue. There are some steps to tweak before you apply this patch to Mobile Partner Software. So, here we go...
To use this app you'll just need to follow these simple steps.
First navigate to the directory where the Mobile Partner is installed. Generally it is C:\Program Files\Mobile Partner.

Into this directory, you'll find the Mobile Partner's executable file, from which the app actually executes. (In my version of Mobile Partner it's simply MobilePartner.exe) Now you need to rename the "MobilePartner.exe" to "_3MobileBroadband.exe".

Now, download my self-made ('quickly'n'dirtily' made!) app from the following link.
Download The MobilePartner Tweak App

Now copy this "3MobileBroadband.exe" file to the installed location of MobilePartner as Your existing shortcuts and auto-start will now point to the launcher, which starts the old "_3 MobileBroadband.exe" and you are all done!

Now restart MobilePartner and you'll see the problem is gone as you can see the "Windows' content while dragging", even when the Mobile Partner is running.

Other 'Cumbersome' Method 
If you don't want to do apply this above mentioned trick, that you'll have to apply this method after every execution of Mobile Partner Software.
First of all, open The MobilePartner.exe. After opening the App, Right Click on Computer icon and select 'Properties'

On that window, select "Advanced Syatem Settings"
This will open up the following dialog box.
Now click on "Settings..." button.
Now scroll down on the next window and check "Show Windows' content while Dragging".
Now, the contents of the window will show up while dragging.
But the worst part of this method is that you'll have to do all this process every time you use Mobile Partner, which is quite cumbersome.

Download Mobile Partner (With the Above Mentioned Tweak already done!)
Mobile Partner (With Customized UI But Less Features!)

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