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DiskDigger Lets You To Recover The Deleted Pics/Pictures On Android

DiskDigger- a group of enthusiastic developers for windows app for the same purpose- has decided to dive into the Android platform, as they hit the Google Play Store with their tiny little app (As small as 71kb!), which lets you to recover your accidentally deleted pics and pictures with ease. This app can be a lifesaver in some occasions, when you accidentally delete the important pics which are needed badly!!

DiskDigger(beta) for Android caters to your image recovery needs. Sporting a minimalist interface, the app has the capacity to scan your device’s storage for deleted image files (in JPEG or PNG format), and lets you retrieve them in multiple ways.  The developers vow to make DiskDigger as comprehensive a file recovery solution for Android as it is for your Windows PC, but as of now, if you’re too worried about losing those precious family pictures on your formatted SD card altogether, this handy Android tool can help you retrieve most (if not all) of them with ease. Details to follow.

The biggest deal-breaker, you might consider, is that DiskDigger requires ROOT access of your Android Device. So, you'll need your Android Device to be Rooted in order to run the app. So, if you are not rooted, this app isn't for you. But if you ever want to root, don't worry and stay tuned as we are in line to have a comprehensive coverage on the safest Rooting methods of the popular Android devices around.

So, coming back to the app, you might feel eager to focus on how this app actually works! First of all, as soon as you'll run the app, you'll be prompted for the root access permission. Just Allow the access and you are good to go!

Now click the Refresh list botton. Select the one that holds (or rather, held) your photos, and hit the Scan device button to begin the scanning process. On the screen that follows, you may hit the File Types button to decide whether you want to detect and recover JPEG, PNG, or both types of image files. All the detected files appear in the left window along with their respective file formats, and you have the option to preview each file that you want to recover.

Once scanning completes, or you’ve managed to trace your lost image files, all you need to do is hit the Save button to restore them to a custom location.

Tapping the Mail button sends them to a mail address of choice. The app has been successfully tested on Galaxy Nexus (running Stock ROM with Franco Kernel), as it managed to effectively detect and recover image files of both supported formats.

As it’s currently in beta, it is not much of a surprise that DiskDigger for Android is available in the Google Play Store for free. The app requires Android v2.2 or higher to run, and can be downloaded via the link or QR code provided below.

Download DiskDigger From Google Play Store

Point Your Phone's camera Towards the QR Code to scan it.


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