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Google Launches Crazy 1000Mbps Fiber Internet Today

The unbelievably fast 1000Mbps Fiber Internet is unveiled by Google toady in Kansas City. And to add to that, it'll have no bandwidth cap, no overage fees and moreover, it'll give away a humongous 1TB of cloud storage data absolutely free!

In addition to this, Google has also introduced the TV service called Google Fiber Television with the help of this Google Fiber Internet. This seems similar to Google TV that we reviewed here, but according to google, it's more compiled and revamped which can record as many as 500 Hours of heavy HD videos. (With a 1000Mbps you'd rather expect that!).  There will be remote apps for iOS and Android, both of which will have voice control, and at some point they'll get video streaming as well. The TV package will have all broadcast networks, along with hundreds of "Fiber channels".
Oh and a one thing worth mentioning here is that you'll get a Nexus 7 free for signing up for a TV package.

There is a $300 construction fee for installing the fiber at your house, though. But Google is waiving that fee for new customers at the start. The internet and TV package, along with the 1TB of storage, is $120 per month. An internet-only package, with the 1TB, is $70 per month. And if you decide to pay the construction fee, you can also choose a FREE 5Mbps down 1Mbps up internet package. You can break that payment down to $25/month for the first year, with a minimum of 7 years of free service, too.

The distance between Google Fiber and its competitors is comical. While yes, Google Fiber is only in Kansas City for now, the closest you can get to it commercially is Verizon's 300Mbps connection over FiOS, which can reach that speed, but more often comes in well below. And that's more than three times slower than the gigabit connection Google just birthed.

That kind of scope and performance has had competitors running scared enough to put out bounties for on-the-ground information about Google Fiber. 

Huh, I wish I'd have been an American rather than a 5Mbps max Indian!

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