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How To Add "Take Ownership" Option In The Right Click Menu In Windows

While operating windows you might come across some stubborn files or folders that will simply deny you to delete themselves and won't let you to access themselves as well. The basic reason behind this is that you don't have adequate permissions to read/write/manipulate those folders. In most cases they are system folders or files that are solely owned by the system and even administrator has not have rights to manipulate them. Thus it won't let you (We're assuming you as an administrator of your PC) to delete, rename or access them.

In the worst case scenario, some heavy viruses may also leave such files and folders that may become headache to the user. Though there is a way you can get around with this problem by simply using GUI (Graphical User Interface), but it's quite cumbersome process. It can be time consuming as well if you have so called stubborn folders/files created by the virus(es) in plenty.

Thus to reduce your efforts to as low as 1-click, we've created a registry hack. And the outcome of that hack is "Take Ownership" option in the Right Click Menu (OR Context Menu). What I'm trying to tell is that we've made some registry tweaks to add "Take Ownership" option in the right click menu. What this will do is whenever you come across such stubborn folders/files, just right click it and select option "Take Ownership" to take the access rights of that particular folder/file rather than following the cumbersome GUI method. So, actually we've compressed your several clicks here and there to a 1-click to save time and energy!

And ya, we know the readers of TechnoTravel.in are smart enough to apply this registry tweak manually, but this tweak take some effort. And as we all know a foot wrong in Windows Registry editing may put you in a big trouble. So we've tried to play safe here and have made a registry file each to Add and Remove this "Take Ownership" button. These files are combined into a .zip file (622 Bytes!). Now here is the method how to apply these .reg files that are residing into the .zip file.


The installation is pretty simple. Just extract the downloaded .zip file and open InstallTakeOwnership.reg by double clicking it. As soon as you do so, it'll prompt the following dialog box.

Click "Yes" and you're all done. One success message will be displayed after successful implementation like this.

Now right click on any folder to see the "Take Ownership" option added to the right click menu. No reboot is required.


To uninstall this option, just double click RemoveTakeOwnership.reg and you're good to go! No reboot is required.

Download TakeOwnership.zip [From Box.net]

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