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How To Change Boot Animation In Windows 7

Have you ever dreamed of changing the splash screen or boot animation that tells you "Starting Windows"??...If you're in search on how to change Windows 7's boot animation or boot splash screen, then you're at the right place. Read on.

Well, we'd love to share an article that could have described the manual (Without using any third party software) procedure on how to change the boot animation in Windows 7, but I'm afraid it's might not be possible in this case, which directly means that you'll need a third party software for this cause.

Then why wait? Just head over to download page of Windows 7 Boot Updater and grab your copy of the software.
Though keep in mind that while choosing the download from the download options, make sure that you choose the first options which tells "Windows 7 Boot Updater (643.5 KB)". You need not to consider any other options.

Now, just open the downloaded .exe file and you'll see the application screen. 

The Application is very well made so that we need not to explain on how to use them. Even though if you're facing some problems using it, just throw a comment and I'll surely help you.

I've quickly made my boot screen with this software. And now whenever my laptop starts, it says "Starting Rajat's Lappy", rather than saying "Starting Windows"! There are many more things that you can do with this software as you'll eventually get that after operating the software. Here is my boot screen!

If you are good at creating animations, then feel free to make animations of your choice, but keep in mind that it must be of 105 frames. As I searched the web for the animations, this is what I've got. I'm sharing the links of Boot Animations. Here are the links:

[All Links from Deviantart]

Editor's note : As per the manufacturer's disclaimer, this program is a bit dangerous as it tweaks the boot animations. So refer to the EULA of the manufacturer before using it. If you run into trouble using this software here is the Troubleshooting Guide uploaded by the manufacturer.

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