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How To Clear Messy Context Menu (or Right Click Menu) in Windows via CCleaner

Well, it's a headache kind of thing is this windows' context menu (or Right Click menu), especially when you tend to install a lot of applications and programs on your windows' machine, most not all of them tend to add one or two items that point to their application to add to the functionality in the right click menu, which in most cases add to the kludgy look of the Windows' context menu. The following image is my own Windows' right click menu, it's messy, isn't it?
So, as an old saying, every problem has a solution, just like that, this one has a solution too. In fact I knew the harder solution to sort out this via Registry Editor, but while I was eagerly exploring the CCleaner's options, I've found that utility which is more user friendly than that Registry editing stuff. Just 2-3 clicks here and there and you are good to go!

Then why wait? If you have CCleaner already installed on your PC then you should skip this step. If not, then quickly head over to Piriform.com to download the latest version of CCleaner. There you need to download the version of your choice, the free one or the paid one, whatever you like because both have this functionality so no problem.

After downloading the CCleaner setup file, just double click it to install CCleaner on your machine. It's a "Next, Next,..Finish" kind of installation, so no need to explain that, as we believe you are smart enough to do that.

Now then, after the successful installation, just open up the CCleaner and navigate following this path Tools > Startup > Context Menu 
Now you'll see the items listed in the list that come up in the Windows' context menu every time you right click on any item in Windows Explorer. Now to remove any of those items, just right click it and select disable. The following image will give you a good idea.

That's all. You've now learnt to remove the unwanted items from the Windows' context menu. Now just customize it as per your needs!

Rajat Patel

Rajat Patel

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