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How To Create Password Reset Disk in Windows 7 And Know How To Use It

Have you ever faced the situation of forgetting your password? Or someone has changed the password of your PC without your knowledge? If the answer is NO, then you are a lucky person, and will remain to be a one if you follow this post. And even if your answer is YES, you better consider following this post to join the league of those lucky ones again. Coming to the point, as the title of the article suggest, here we are going to discuss not much talked about Windows' native utility to "Create a Password Reset Disk" that lets you reset your forgotten password without any glitch.

We know that the web is mobbed with the solutions that provide solutions to overcome this particular situation, but I've personaly found them either time and brain consuming or in some cases, Money-consuming should I say! Thus we will follow a simple precautionary measure to never ever find ourselves in these situations described above. And for Free also, no money matters here!

How To Make A Password Reset Disk

In Windows 7, there hides a native utility to create a password reset disk that we are going to demonstrate to you on how to use it. So, to start with, first click upon START button and click your user account image.
Now click on the "Create Password Reset Disk" in the next window.
Now you'll be presented with the lovely and simple wizard, click "Next".
Now it will prompt to select the USB drive, select a proper one and click "Next".
Next window will prompt your current password. We assume that you've not forgotten this!
Now click "Next", as it will show the progress. As the progress finishes, click "Finish". 
Now you've officially made a "Password Reset Disk". Now keep this USB drive in a safe place that is exclusively accessible to you only. And keep away from any geek for sure as this can be a simple to use gateway for him/her to sneak into your PC.

How To Use The Password Reset Disk

Now it's time to demonstrate you on how to use it. Now as you'll enter a wrong password, it'll prompt to reset the password. Now click on "Reset Password...".
But before clicking that, make sure that the USB drive is inserted into your PC. If not, it will prompt you the following error.
If you have inserted the USB properly, you'll have no hick ups to see the "Password Reset Wizard".
You'll be prompted to select the proper USB drive. Select yours!
Then type a new password and a hint for it!
That's all you will need to do to get your PC running again for your liking.

One thing should be noted that every time you need not to create a Password Reset Disk for every password changes, it will automatically get updated! Thus it's a one time 5 minute process, but what fruitful use of 5 minutes!

Note : We recommend you to bookmark or print this page, as it will be helpful to you at the time of need. Thank You.

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