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How To Force an Application Not To Use The Specific Internet Connection

Sometimes you would have come under the situation where you would have wished that only certain programs could use the internet connection. Especially, when connected via teathering with your 3G phone or 3G network card where the data charges are very high (especially here in India!) and the data usage is limited, it can be really handy to define only certain needed programs that can use that particular (data usage concerned!) internet connection. Well you actually can do this thing! Read on to find out how.

Install ForceBlindIP

Just go to the ForceBlindIP Download Page and grab your copy of zip version (8 KB). After downloading it, extract all the files at your desired location.

Now navigate to that particular location where you've extracted the zipped files and copy both of them.
Now navigate to the following path and paste both files there.

Now press Win + R keys which opens our favorite Run Box. Now type "cmd" in the Run Box and hit Enter.
This will open command prompt window. Now type the following command in it. And hit Enter.

cd C:\Windows\System32

Now here we can configure to bind any application not to use the specific network card with the following syntex.

ForceBindIP %NetworkCardsIP% %PathToProgram%

For Example,

ForceBindIP “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe”

This assumes:

  1. The network card you want to bind the application to has an IP of
  2. The program you want to bind to that network card is Firefox.

Some Inportant Points to be noted:

  1. You have to give the full path to your program.
  2. If the path contains spaces, enclose it in quotes.
  3. You will have to launch the program via this method every time you want to bind it to that network card.

Rajat Patel

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