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How To Hide A Zip File Inside An Image File Without Using Any Software

Well, today I'm going to share an interesting trick that can really help you to hide your important files so that no one could ever imagine the place. And that anonymous place is any image file. Yes you read it right, an image file can be a place to hold your .zip files that your secret data remains secure. As the image files are read from header down and contrastingly, the zip file are read from footer up, so they can easily be merged. Sounds interesting, isn't it? Then read on.

Inserting ZIP File Inside GIF File 

Note : The reason that we are using GIF file is that we got consistent results more often with GIFs compared to other image formats, so we recommend to use GIF formatted Image files rather than those of other formats. 

First of all you need the GIF file and ZIP file both placed in the same directory. Now copy the path of that folder. After coping the path successfully, open up the command prompt window. You can open it up from Run Box, by pressing Win + R keys and type cmd in it and press enter.
Now in the command prompt change the directory to the folder where you've placed the files. You can do it easily by using the following command.


(e.g, if i want to set the directory to C:/Users/Rajat/Desktop/TechnoTravel i'll type cd C:/Users/Rajat/Desktop/TechnoTravel and hit Enter to change the directory.)

Now after changing the directory, all you need to do is to type a simple copy command. The trick uses /B in here to get the things done! So here is what you need to type:

copy /B image.gif+MyFile.zip newImage.gif

Here we have assumed that

1. The original name of the image is image.gif

2. The hiding zip file is named MyFile.zip

3. The output file will be named newImage.gif

You need to change the image name and the zip file name according to yours.

Now as a result of that, you'll get a new Image file created named newImage.gif. You can open it up with both the image viewer and the WinRAR (Or the program that you use to view zip files). It will display the data accordingly.

That's it. Now go and hide some files using this trick. And ya, the show off thing is such some geeks can't live without!

Rajat Patel

Rajat Patel

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