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5 Cool Windows Command Prompt Tricks For Getting Things Done Faster

If you are a regular reader at TechnoTravel.in, you must have noticed the frequent use of command prompt in the How-To articles here. So we have here come up with 5 cool tricks that will surely come in handy when you deal with command prompt in the future. These are very easy but useful tricks which are worth remembering. So, what are they? Here we go.

Open A Command Prompt From A Folder

In command prompt you must be familiar with the command "cd" to change your work position. But the drawback of using "cd" command is that you need to type the whole path to navigate yourself to that desired folder. Instead what you can try is, just open up that folder using Windows Explorer and then press shift and right click the folder. Opening context menu (or right click menu) while pressing "Shift" key will present you more advanced options in there and the option for our use is "Open Command Window Here" will open command prompt to that folder.

Send Command Prompt's Output To The Clipboard

Well, numerous times we come across the situations where we need to copy the output of a particular command from the command prompt e.g we often copy the output of ipconfig command. But now no need to do it manually. Just append "| clip" (Without quotes) to any command you use and it'll copy the result of it to the clipboard to let you paste it at your desired location.

netstat | clip

Drag And Drop To Change The Path

Well, this seems similar to the first trick. And it's lot easier than that! Just open up the command prompt window, type cd and drag and drop the folder that you want to go via cd command. The command prompt is intelligent enough to "cd" you to that folder!

Command Prompt Also Saves History!

Yes, and you can access it with the simple command. Though you can always use the up key to access the previously used commands, but if you want to list them, just type the following command to get the history.

doskey /history

Run Multiple Commands At Once

The last but not least is the trick to run multiple commands at once by typing them in the same line joined with double ampersands. You can make this trick work with every command and any number of commands as well. Just make sure you add double ampersands between each of them.

netstat && ipconfig

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