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[Search Tips] Google's New Search Calculator To Help You With Your Arithmetic

You might be familiar with the Google's search trick of typing the desired arithmetic operation, and Google will yield the accurate answer for you. Now to add to that functionality, Google search has the whole calculator for you to do your arithmetic calculations right from the search results.

To have a Google Calculator for yourself, just type "calculator" in the google search and it will magically appear.

Moreover, if you use the old trick of directly typing the arithmetic operation, the new calculator will appear with the answer.

This calculator is not so fancy, and inherits the look of the simple Google's UI, but it's quite handy to do some calculations on-the-go. It also features the scientific calculations that will help science followers & engineers big time! Though, as of now, you'll need to search for calculations or to click in the calculator with the mouse for your arithmetic operation. It would have been nice if the keyboard support was added. Lets hope Google will consider this in the near future. 

Rajat Patel

Rajat Patel

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