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How To Access Folders Of Your Android On Your PC via FTP

You can always access the folders of your Android phone on your PC via third party app named AirDroid from your browser. But what if you want to access these folders in the Windows Explorer wirelessly? You can always connect your Android to your PC via USB cable, but here we're more focused on the use of Wi-Fi to prevent you from the hassle of carrying USB cable wherever you might go. 

In this scenario, all we need is a wireless protocol to access them. We've earlier talked about How To Access Folders From Your Windows PC and Stream Videos Over Wi-Fi On Your Android which uses SMB (Samba) protocol to access the folders, and moreover it's a reverse process of what we're gonna discuss here. So, the only famous protocol left for our cause is the File Transfer Protocol or FTP. Via FTP you can easily access the folders of your Android onto your PC irrespective of operating system on your machine as we believe FTP is supported by most Operating Systems.

Start FTP Server On Your Android

To serve this purpose we'll use the popular, user-friendly, free and feature-rich ES File Explorer. If you haven't tested it yet then click the link to download it from Google Play. According to me, it's a must have app for each and every Android user.

After the installation, open up ES File Explorer and goto Settings. Scroll down until you find a menu called Remote Access.

Click on it as you'll see a checkbox named Remote Manage. Just check it as you'll find the ftp address of your newly made FTP server which is hosted on your Android. There is a link with the port address in the comment area of that menu entry. Just remember it or type it on a notepad. Thus your FTP server on Android is up and running.

How To Access Folders via Windows Explorer

It's pretty easy over here. Make sure your PC and Android are connected over Wi-Fi. Now just open Windows Explorer window and click the address bar to type the address of the ftp server. E.g ftp://ip address:port which is in my case Just type this and hit Enter.

Now you can see the folders of your phone on your PC as if it is connected via USB cable.

How To Access Folders via Browser

If your browser supports FTP (Most browser does!), then just type the link ftp://192.168.x.x:xxxx into the address bar of the browser and you can access folders of your phone on your browser.

We've used our favorite Chrome for this purpose. But you are free to use the browser of your choice. Just make sure it supports FTP.

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