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Pulse - The Popular Android Reader Is Now Available For Web

One of the best reader app for Android, and my personal favorite app to read the technology news on-the-go, is now officially available as a web app. Which means, just point your computer's web browser to Pulse's Homepage and you can read the news from the best websites all around the web at the one stop.

Pulse app for Android is very popular at Google Play with almost 1 million downloads and 4.5 star rating, and now as the Web App is released yesterday, we're excited to see what is new in the offering! And as we go through our initial checking period, we weren't disappointed. In fact, we're pleased to see such a beautiful web app.

You can sign into Pulse either via Facebook or via their own account. As you sign in for first time, it'll ask you for your interests. There are plenty of options to choose from, just click your interests and done! You are good to go!

Pulse's user interface is very refreshing as it reminds me of the interface of Windows 8's Metro UI. It seems similar to Metro UI (Or whatever Microsoft will choose it's name!) with the different style of tiles full of high quality images. And with the dark background, same as Android App, it feels like a real eye-candy. I personally liked the dark background on their Android App, and I liked it here, too. If you don't like the different-sized tiles, then you can always arrange them in a same order from the top-right menu.

To read the particular story, you need to click the image thumbnail and the story will pop-up. This is very minimalist UI and highly focused on the content to provide you best reading experience.

The default fonts are very smooth and feels very easy on the eye, though if you don't like it, there are some options in the left bar to customize it as per your need. You can change toggle the background between dark and light, and you can change the fonts as well.

The left bar on the reader pop-up also contains the quick share buttons to share the story to your friends and followers. You can always add content in your Pulse. Just click "Add Content" to bring the pop-up from the right to add the content easily. Though one drawback here is that you can't add the custom feeds on your own. Though there are plenty of resources to choose from, but we feel these feature missing from Pulse that the developers should focus upon.

Other than this, we didn't find any bug, and performance vise it feels very smooth on Google Chrome. One thing you might notice that besides being such an image-heavy site, it loads up surprisingly fast that adds to it usefulness. 

From my personal point-of-view, I'll be using this app right away as I love its interface and speed. What do you feel about this Web App? Feel free to share your thoughts via comment form below and express yourself!

Rajat Patel

Rajat Patel

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