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Shoot Multiple Photos in Seconds On Any Android Device With Fast Burst Camera App

                 Fast Burst Camera App for Android allows your device to capture rapid-fire shots in a quick succession - similar to the Burst Camera Mode of the higher end phones like Galaxy S3 or HTC One X - with the support to capture as fast as 30 frames per second if your Android allows it! So, just capture multiple shots of your playing kid or flying bird with this Fast Burst Camera App and later choose the best one among them to have a perfect capture!

The app actually comes in two versions - Free and Paid ($4). The free version is ad-supported and comes with the basic features, whereas the paid version is of course ad-free version with some additional features like auto-focus, zoom, and disabling the shutter (Shutter sound can be annoying at time, I tell you!). Though you'll need to shell out $4 to get the full featured app, but it's worth buying. So, just test the free version and if it satisfies you, then you can opt for buying it to help the developer.

The working of the Fast Burst Camera app is pretty simple. It stores the quickly captured pics in the memory for the later processing and once you're done capturing in the burst mode, it quickly transfers to the SD card. Thus the maximum number of pics you can take are unlimited theoretically but practically it depends on how much memory your Android allots to the app. Though there is no limit on the number of pics to be captured at once, obviously high number of pics will require more memory and will acquire more time to get saved in your gallery, which can be quite cumbersome at times!

The app also provides some settings to get configured by the user like choosing the resolution of the photos and control over memory allocation to this app. Though one thing should be noticed here is, higher the resolution of photos, more time it takes to get saved in your SD card. When we tested this app on our 1.2GHz dual-core Galaxy Nexus, it did a fantastic job to become my favorite camera app, and above all, it's free folks!

So, if your Android is not yet equipped with a third party camera app that does this, this app is definitely worth trying!

Originally From : xda-developers

Rajat Patel

Rajat Patel

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