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Early Beta of Firefox OS for Smartphones Running On ZTE Smartphone [Video]

Well, there has been a while when the Firefox OS came into light on XDA-Developers forums of Galaxy Nexus. And now it seems like the development is gathering the pace. As an indicator of this, we've found a video of an ZTE Developer Smartphone running the early beta of the brand new Firefox OS. 

If you're curious about this brand new OS in the Smartphone Market, this video might satisfy your curiosity. Here it is,

Though it might look like a clone of Android, but it's way different than that. Android is built on Java whereas Firefox is being built on HTML5. So, it's all together a different technology, and we're excited about it's developments and keen to cover all the major development of Firefox OS on TechnoTravel.in. Stay tuned!!

Rajat Patel

Rajat Patel

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